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Madikwe Game Reserve is known as an excellent reserve for families and children to safely enjoy the excitement and stimulation of a real safari experience. It is one of South Africa’s top “Big 5” wildlife locations free of malaria.

Makanyane provides children and families with an unforgettable wildlife experience, designed to inspire, educate and above all entertain young minds while promoting a deep respect for the environment and natural areas and a strong desire to preserve both.

Children can enjoy a child orientated menu if required and any specific dietary requirements will be taken into account.

Please note that Makanyane is not fenced off from the reserve – it is the responsibility of the parents to be mindful of potential dangers as Makanyane is in a prime wildlife area. Children may not walk between the main lodge and their suite without an adult.  All swimming must be supervised by the child’s parents and no children are allowed in the gym unsupervised.